“Happy work • Healthy JEE” the 4th Body-building Activity in 2014 -- “Flying Balloons, Flying Dreams " Came to an End Successfully
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JEE "Happy Work ? Healthy JEE" the 4th body-building activity in 2014 - "Flying Balloons, Flying Dreams" was held in the company's Square. All JEE staff celebrated the 10th anniversary of JEE with good hope for the future and good wishes for JEE.

During the event, all departments personnel gathered together with joy.. Liu Lei, the Secretary of CCP general branch, made an address and expressed thanks and regards to all the outstanding staff members, who were present or absent for business leave, for their hard working and dedications. She also expressed her gratitude and expectation to the a hundred participants, as well as her confidence and vision of JEE to become a century-old company.

Balloons are always the symbol of hope and positive power. “Flying Balloons, Flying Dreams” symbolizes the JEE’s taking-off and JEE staff’s dreams comeing true. At the event, about 500 JEE personnel formed the shape of “JEE” with balloons in their hands. With the signal of Lin Juguang, the General Manger, the balloons flew into the sky with JEE’s dream.

We fly our dreams in JEE where we are realizing our dreams. After flying balloons, played the "Running, Partner" balloon games was played in the square. Through team co-operation and fierce contest , " Team Jaguar" from BIW Division won the title eventually. " Team Manman" from A & T Division won the second prize and " Team Xiongda" from M & C Division stood the third. “Happy Work ?Healthy JEE” the body-building activity, 2014 ended up in the cheers and laughters. Let all JEE personnel meet the new challenge in 2015 with a new look and a strong physique and welcome the next decade with the earnest hope and powerful capability.