JEE company leaders went to see the front-line employees
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"Sending Cool" activity continued in this summer

Remaining as high as 37 for weeks; It is the most suffering moment for our employees who are working in steel structure workshops every year.

At 13:30 on 3th August, JEE general manager Dr. Juguang Lin came to the workshops together with other majorleaders. They sent cool gift bags and drinks to the front-line employees.

Dr. Lin came to the workshop while hundreds of staff were busy working on their own jobs.

"You were laborious!" Dr. Lin said to the employee, and told them to take good care of themselves and let the manager in charge of each division to avoid any kind of potential safety issues, and conduct real-time inspection and prevention, in order to create a safe, healthy and cool working environment.

"Sending Cool in 2015" activity lasted for more than two months since early July. During the hot summer, JEE provided mineral water, cold drinks and mung bean soup every day for her staff, and prepared “10 drops”, a popular Chinese medicine, for summer ailment, ageratum water and other cooling purpose medication, which lets employees feel the company’s concern and care.

Due to the particularity of the projects, in addition to employees in our workshops, colleagues who are still working on customer sites under the high temperature, are also cared more about by the company leadership, because their working conditions are much harsher. Northward to Beijing, southward to Chengdu, eastward to the Changshu, westward to xi’an.... JEE's footsteps spread all  over most of China.

With company leaders’ care, leaders of each division have started their journey to each customer site to send the greetings and care to colleagues who are hard working far away from the headquarters since early August. A&T and BIW leaders successively visited more than ten projects at BAIC Motor, VW, PSA, Land Rover, Fast and JAC, covering more than hundreds of colleagues.

Boxes of cool drinks and gift bags brought infinite encouragement to our employees. The scope and the quantity of people covered by this activity make a record high in the history of JEE, which best show the humanistic care of the company. We sincerely thank those most lovely people who strive for JEE career, they will always be JEE’s heroes.