AT assembly line

Brief introduction: With internationalized technical and engineering project team and supporting resources, we deliver complete turnkey assembly and test lines for AT, CVT, DCT. JEE delivered the first independently designed AT, CVT, DCT assembly lines in China which are already in use for mass production.



Belt wheel sub-assembly line, clutch sub-assembly line, differential assembly line, HCU assembly and test line, housing assembly line, rear cover assembly line, shafts sub-assembly line, main assembly line and test line;

3. Technical features:

1This line uses high accurate servo press, with absolute value encoder, and high accurate piezoelectric pressure sensors to feedback displacement and  force values to meet high quality requirements.

2High-speed gantry, 9m span, highest speed is 5m/s, highest acceleration is 25m/s2, stable speed change, which realize high speed transfer of full assembled transmission.

3Multi-station robot integrated technology with complex functions. Mesh DCT input shaft , output shaft 1 and 2, differential assembly, synchronizer shifting fork and oil manifold together, and load them into housing.

4Use photoelectric sensors, fiber optic sensor, proximity sensors, pick-to-light and vision camera, etc. to support PLC program. Use customized error-proofing method for parts assembly detection.

5By researching DCT production plan, material management, documentation control, production information collection, whole line running condition monitoring, manage production resources and monitor whole manufacturing system process material management information flow and equipment status information flow in real time. Automatically arrange production plan according to orders, realize mix-production of different types, sequencing, digitalization, and remote control in production, intelligent detect and warn for equipment.