Dual clutch assembly line

Brief introduction: First domestic independently developed wet type dual clutch assembly line, solved the key technology problem to assemble automatic transmission key components. Wecan provide customers with complete set of solution for double clutch assembly.


2. Products:

Consists of key components like full automatic servo pressing equipment, friction on-line automatic measuring equipment, separation gap automatic re-inspecting equipment, automatic leak-test equipment, error-proofing unit, etc.

3.Technical features:

1Whole line process error-proofing: corresponding error-proofing measures for each risk point both in manual assembly and automatic process. By interconnecting the whole line controls system, prevent NOK products from entering next process.

2High accuracy on-line measurement: Use JEE independently developed and patented a measuring unit to make on-line measurement for friction plate, ensuring high assembly quality.

3Real-time clutch clearance measurement: Using JEE patented automatic  high-pressure air sealing unit, in combination with specifically developed testing software, it realizes dynamic testing on the clutch separation clearance, generating “pressure-displacement” characteristic curves and performs automatic analysis. This  high-pressure air sealing unit has gone through 50 thousand life tests without sealing ring replacement .

4Full automatic pressing: Automatic feeding, automatic press and automatic  angle orientation with servo drive of the part are used to assemble 7 oil duct blocking steel balls. It’s possible to set different pressing depth for steel ball at each position.