BIW Main-body Welding Line

1.Brief introduction

The main-body can be transported at high speed & high precision by high speed roller bed, applying flexible GEO-pallet of heavy load & high speed & high precision double closed loop control technology. Multi-model cars can be realized flexibly through the multi-model flexible framing system.


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3. Equipment

High speed roller bed and flexible GEO-pallet transport system, multi-model flexible framing  system, APC, automatic equipment and control system such as robot welding, sealing and handing.

4. Typical project

Automatic BIW welding line for model B of JAC can realize 6 models car of 4 platforms in 60JPH. 

5.Technical characteristics

1Based on PD/PS welding line planning technology

2High speed roller bed and flexible GEO-pallet transport system, 5.7 S transporting 6 M,  Positioning accuracy ±0.2mm. Geo-pallet positioning locked itself.

3Multi-model flexible framing system, Realizing 6 models of 4 platforms flexibly.  

4High cycle time: 60JPH.

5APC system and robot handing system, labor-saving.

6Automation integration system of whole lin