Clusure Automatic Area

1.Brief introduction

Applying robot hemming, spot welding, arc welding, robot handing, automatic sealing and other advantage process, we can supply turn-key engineering of closure automatic unit, which can produce multi-model closure flexibly and automatically.


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Automatic key jigs, robot spot welding, robot sealing, robot handing, robot hemming system or press hemming system.

4.Typical project

CH071/CH072 of GWM, J31/J71 of MAZDA, CHB031/CHB035 of GWM, A56 of GAC, C32B of BAIC, M30A of BAIC, MIA of CHERY, T88R of DPCA and etc.

5.Technical features

  1SE analysis: SE analysis to insure the feasibility of hemming, welding, and sealing process.

  2Producing multi-model car flexibly.

  3Proprietary hemming technologies: CAE hemming analysis, hemming process analysis, hemming simulation and off-line programming technology, hemming quality commissioning on site.

  4Standardized hemming tools and high rigidity roller guarantee the equipment with a long service life and low cost.