Bodyside Welding Line

1.Brief introduction

Applying turntable, switching fixtures and other automatic equipment like robot, APC to realize welding, sealing, handing and others, bodyside welding line can produce multi-model bodysides flexibly and automatically in 60JPH


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Automatic jig, robot spot welding, robot sealing, robot handing, multi-model flexible switching system, APC and etc.

4.Typical project

Automatic BIW welding line for model B of JAC can realize 6 models car of 4 platforms in 60JPH. 

G95, TX9, P84C sidebody welding line of DPCA;Three models of BSUV sidebody welding line of SVW.

5.Technical characteristics

1APC system and robot handing system, labor-saving.

2Multi-model flexible switching system, Realizing 6 models of 4 platforms flexibly.

3High cycle time: 60JPH.

4Vision technology application to control process quality.